Felipe Ignacio Noriega


Felipe Ignacio Noriega is a composer, programmer and live-coding artist born in Mexico City and is co-creator of the CodeKlavier together with Anne Veinberg. He collaborates in various settings where a common subject is the incorporation of coding as a performative and aesthetic principle. Ignacio graduated Cum Laude from the Masters in composition at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam in 2013. He has won various composition competitions and grants in the Netherlands including the Young Artist Fund Amsterdam 2015 and the ADE SoundLab 2016. In March 2017 he was awarded a start-phase and development-phase grant from the Creative Industries Fund NL to develop the CodeKlavier. The first work of the CodeKlavier, “hello world”, was the winner of the 2017 Uncaged:Conlon Foundation Composition Competition.


The CKalcuƛator is a lambda-calculus arithmetic calculator for the piano and a sub-system of the CodeKlavier. The presentation will include a description of the CKalcuƛator and our motivation for bringing functional programming into the musical paradigm. Central to the presentation will be a performance by the presenters (duo Off<>zz) where the pianist is working with the CKalcuƛator and the results of her CKalcuƛator operations are passed onto the live coder working in SuperCollider.

Copresenters: Anne and Felipe

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