Anne Veinberg


Anne Veinberg is an Australian pianist based in the Netherlands and is co-creator of the CodeKlavier together with Felipe Ignacio Noriega. Anne is passionate about music of and for today. She regularly collaborates with composers, actors and technologists to develop new works and musical experiences. Anne is a member of Ensemble Scala for microtonal music, of Apituley’s Locomotive Band for music theatre productions and among others. Anne also joins Felipe Ignacio Noriega to form Off<>zz - a live coding and piano duo. Through the docARTES program, Anne is a doctoral candidate at Leiden University. Her research focuses on the intersection and interaction of pianistic and live coding performance practices. At home she practises on a Yamaha grand piano, kindly on loan from the Dutch Musical Instruments Foundation. The piano is part of the collection ‘Willem G. Vogelaar’.

The CKalcuƛator is a lambda-calculus arithmetic calculator for the piano and a sub-system of the CodeKlavier. The presentation will include a description of the CKalcuƛator and our motivation for bringing functional programming into the musical paradigm. Central to the presentation will be a performance by the presenters (duo Off<>zz) where the pianist is working with the CKalcuƛator and the results of her CKalcuƛator operations are passed onto the live coder working in SuperCollider.

Copresenters: Anne and Felipe

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