Call For Talks


Are you interested in presenting your thoughts on the subject of functional programming? Submit your presentation.

As of now we have identified 6 areas our audience would love to hear about:

Functional languages
Software and system design
Reactive Programming
Web programming
Computation in functional technologies
Applications and case studies

Is your presentation slightly outside that scope? Amaze and inspire us with your submission!

Mark the dates: June 21 2018 - November 30 2018

Deadline: 30/11/2018


AGH invites you to submit your work for 2019 Lambda Days Research Track.

Important dates:

Manuscript submission: 31 October 2018.
1st review round: 23 December 2018.
Revised version: 20 February 2019.
Presentation at the Conference: 21 February 2019.
After the conference the reviews will be finalized and accepted papers will appear as soon as possible in the Computer Science Journal.

The call is open all the time, so if you get published in the journal before the above-given deadlines (in the Research Track area of interest) - you will still get invitation to the conference as a speaker, and your conference fee will be covered if you decide to show up.

Functional Programming Research Track with publications planned in Computer Science Journal (AGH) ESCI/Web of Science and SCOPUS indexed independently managed, free open access.

The Reasearch Track of Lambda Days 2018 will focus on developments in functional programming (such as novel programming languages) and different scientific applications of functional programming methods. Contemporary computing problems require high performance hardware, which implies use of fast, parallel and distributed processing, therefore HPC and is one of the main aspects of the Research Track, because the efficient development of new algorithms for such platforms can significantly benefit from using a functional approach.

All manuscripts will be reviewed by at least three members of the Programme Committee. The review process includes presentation of the results at the Research Track of the Lambda Days 2018 conference (the conference fee for speakers will be covered by the organizers).

The post-conference material will appear in the Computer Science Journal, independently issued by AGH University of Science and Technology Press. The journal publishes only open access papers and does without any charges. The journal is indexed (i.a.) in Emerging Science Citation Index (Clarivate Web of Science) and SCOPUS.

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Kevin Hammond, University of St. Andrews, Scotland, UK

John Hughes,

Zoltan Horvath,

Eotvos Lorad University, Hungary.


Wojciech Turek, AGH University of Science and Technology

Aleksander Byrski, AGH University of Science and Technology


Adam Barwell, University of St. Andrews, Scotland, UK

Christopher Brown, University of St. Andrews, Scotland, UK

Maciej Malawski, AGH University of Science and Technology

Bartosz Balis, AGH University of Science and Technology

Roman Debski, AGH University of Science and Technology.