Łukasz Biały

PSE @ VirtusLab

Polyglot full-stack developer and functional programming enthusiast. PSE & Scala Developer Advocate @ VirtusLab. Values quality over quantity. Permanent learner with a severe information dependency problem. Enjoys conversations about philosophy and all things related to the mind's inner workings. Loves mountains, biking and hiking.


The key objective here is to inform the audience about the possibilities available in regard to often disregarded (by functional programmers) area of devops engineering. I would like to invite my audience to widen their area of expertise and enable them to craft complete systems while still using their preferred functional idioms.


Any professional using functional programming that works in any area where infrastructure is a concern could be interested in my talk.


In this talk, I will introduce a novel approach to building modern, cloud-native platforms using functional programming from the ground up. Utilizing the Scala SDK for Pulumi, codenamed Besom, I will demonstrate how one can construct a complete, production-grade system while staying within the safe and typeful confines of a functional programming language. Along the way, I'll illustrate how to leverage Scala's features to enhance maintainability, safety, and correctness across the stack. Finally, I will explore how this method opens up new possibilities in platform engineering, empowering functional programmers to dynamically deploy entire segments of infrastructure on demand, directly from their applications