Felix Miño

Software developer/Community lead at Stack Builders.

I'm Felix Miño, a software developer at Stack Builders. I have been a speaker in five PyCon editions around the world. I have more than 5 years of experience in the software industry, and I have had the opportunity to work on different projects with programming languages like Python, Haskell, and recently Kotlin. Since 2022, I have led the Meetup community "Quito Lambda" in Ecuador. This space aims to share topics mainly related to the functional programming paradigm and its use for the Spanish-speaking community. I enjoy sharing what I have learned over the years with software communities from all over the world. I like to cook and discover the world through its flavors during my free time. This year, I will run my first half marathon.


Expose our scaling journey by highlighting and pinpointing the significant challenges in expanding our Haskell application.

Provide the audience with a practical guide to scaling a Haskell application, outlining actionable steps and insights for navigating growth seamlessly.


Individuals aiming to scale their application or seeking a pragmatic guide to boost performance.


While scaling applications is a perpetual challenge, there are specific hurdles unique to scaling Haskell applications. Join me in exploring the intricacies involved in this process, uncovering lessons from faced challenges, implementing ingenious solutions, and ongoing optimizations toward a 10x scaling goal. Our exploration will traverse critical domains, from fine-tuning database performance to pinpointing bottlenecks and rectifying inefficient data structures. In the realm of Haskell's memory management, we'll address its reputation for leaks and reconsider the laziness paradigm, discovering situations where adopting strictness boosts performance. Let’s explore the dynamic world of software scaling!