Andor Pénzes

Standard Chartered

I am a functional programming enthusiast in the neverending search for new technologies and solutions for creating correct software. I worked as a software engineer and test automation engineer, and now I am a Haskell developer. In recent years, Idris caught my attention, and I experimented with dependent types in general software construction.


Make the audience think about dependent types independently of the statically typed functional programming languages.


Any developer who is curious about the potential of dependent types.


Envision a Python dialect that seamlessly combines user-friendly, optional, static types with the transformative capabilities of dependent types. Picture a world where functional and object-oriented programming coexist harmoniously, putting developers firmly in control, with the type system serving as a powerful ally. How daring can we be in pushing the boundaries and seamlessly integrating cutting-edge type theory advancements into the language? What challenges might arise with dependent types, and how can dynamically typed programming embrace this innovation?

In collaboration with Thorsten Altenkirch, we've conceptualized a language designed to deliver an exceptional developer experience. Intrigued? Join us as we open a window into this parallel universe or glimpse the future of programming possibilities.

Co-Author: Thorsten Altenkirch