Łukasz Biały

PSE @ VirtusLab

Polyglot full-stack developer and functional programming enthusiast. PSE & Scala Developer Advocate @ VirtusLab. Values quality over quantity. Permanent learner with a severe information dependency problem. Enjoys conversations about philosophy and all things related to the mind's inner workings. Loves mountains, biking and hiking.

Infrastructure as code is a problem space dominated by declarative yet not functional solutions that leave a lot to wish for. On the other hand, functional languages seem ideally positioned to support declarative yet expressive and powerful tools to manage the complexity inherent to infrastructural concerns. In my talk, I will introduce and present a purely functional Scala language SDK for Pulumi - the programming language-based alternative to Terraform. I will also show how it allows for safer abstractions and how it leverages new language features introduced in Scala 3 for a better Developer experience and improved safety.


The audience will learn about the intricacies of infrastructure management, the architecture of terraform-like solutions, the purely functional design in this space and its benefits and about new features of Scala 3 language that were used to build this software.


Functional programmers, programmers dealing with infrastructure management

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