Jonas Kruckenberg

DevRel at CrabNebula and Member of the Tauri Team

Jonas is passionate about benevolent software, Open-Source, and Cybersecurity. So far his journey led him to work on optimising websites using Vite, local first software, peer-to-peer networking, verifiable computation, extensible software and now cross-platform native apps. 

Aside from programming, he sings in several classical ensembles (if you love music come talk to me!) and loves hiking.

Tauri is a fully open-source Rust framework that lets you build Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android apps using a web-frontend and supercharged native code. And the best part? Tauri apps are tiny and super secure!

During this session, we will be diving head-first into the world of native apps and how you can build them without leaving the benefits of functional programming behind.


The audience will learn:
- Why Security and App Size matter more now than ever and how Tauri addresses these
- Why Tauri, Rust and Elm are such a great match for building Apps
- How to build beautiful apps without sacrificing Security, Reliability or Speed


- People that want to build apps without leaving the benefits of functional programming behind 
- People that are using other toolkits such a GTK already and are looking for a Cross-Platform alternative

The talk will present a Tauri app with an Elm frontend, but no deep knowledge of Rust or Elm is required. Some passing familiarity with the web is helpful but ultimately not required.

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