Ruslan Shevchenko

Author of dotty-cps-async

Worked as a researcher in Institue of Software Systems,  then was a founder of Internet Provider], founder of software development firm, then works in various projects in telecom, advertising, and finance industries.  Now a managing partner in a software startup.   Founder of UA  Scala user group, Ph.D. in Computer Science, coauthor of the book “Methods of algebraic programming,” an active columnist for the Ukrainian developer’s community portal. 

Can we provide a development environment that gives the programmer an experience comparable to the state-of-the-art mainstream back-end programming? Dotty-cps-async intends to be an element of the possible answer.  It provides the way to embed monadic expressions into base scala language using well-known async/await constructs, existing for nearly all mainstream programming languages.  Although the main idea is not new, dotty-cps-async provides behind well-known interfaces a set of novel features,  such as support of the generic monads, transformation of high-order function applications, generation of call-chain proxies, and automatic coloring.