Radek Szymczyszyn

Architect Team Lead

Radek has been programming since he was 15 and doesn’t intend to stop. For the last 9 years he’s been working professionally with BEAM technologies, both remotely and on-site, assisting companies from startups to telecommunication giants build and scale their systems. His main tools are Erlang and XMPP, and he’s quite keen on making the Erlang ecosystem a good place to be in, by participating in the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation Documentation WG.

Gradual typing is a bit like static typing, because it provides error messages if your code has types and specs - and any errors, obviously. Gradual typing is also a bit like dynamic typing, because it doesn’t require all the functions to have specs and just agrees when you say: “Trust me, I’m an engineer!”  Gradualizer, introduced at Code Beam Stockholm by Josef Svenningsson, is a gradual typechecker for Erlang. I’ll describe some changes, improvements, and challenges we faced and managed to overcome since mid-2021. I’ll also introduce Gradient, an Elixir frontend, and show how to type check Erlang and Elixir code.

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