Kevin Kappelmann

In ITP We Trust

Kevin was offered Isabelle as a gateway drug in his Bachelors at TU Munich and got addicted to interactive theorem proving (ITP) ever since. After a brief detour in Oxford and a charming encounter with Lean in Amsterdam, he returned to do a PhD on ITP at TU Munich and teach Haskell to thousands of students.

Worldwide, computer science departments have experienced a dramatic increase in the number of student enrolments. Moreover, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic requires institutions to radically replace the traditional way of on-site teaching, moving interaction from physical to virtual space. We report on our strategies and experience tackling these issues as part of a Haskell-based functional programming and verification course, accommodating over 2000 students in the course of two semesters. Among other things, we fostered engagement with weekly programming competitions and creative homework projects, workshops with industry partners, and collaborative pair-programming tutorials. To offer such an extensive programme to hundreds of students, we automated feedback for programming as well as inductive proof exercises. We explain and share our tools and exercises so that they can be reused by other educators.

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