Yusuf Motara

Trying to make functional programming as accessible as possible

Dr Yusuf Motara is a senior lecturer at Rhodes University, South Africa. His interest in teaching and using functional programming led him to consider how the functional paradigm could be made more accessible to both programmers and non-programmers, which accounts for his current interest in both modelling and gamification. Other research interests include computer science education and software development.

There is currently no way to model the high-level structural design of a functional system, so just communicating about that design with dysfunctional (or OO-only) programmers  is difficult.  One solution is to find a modelling notation that everyone can use. But the history of UML shows that this must be done very carefully, or the results can be ... sub-optimal.  This talk is about modelling and functional programming and history and language and even a little mathematics, but also about the meaning of meaning and making things as clear as possible (but no clearer).  

OBJECTIVES: Getting people to think about why we don't have a modelling language, and why we might want one designed by ourselves

AUDIENCE: People who are interested in broadening the applicability of functional programming and making it easier to use for businesses and organizations.