Simon Thompson

Researcher, author and teacher

Researcher, author and teacher, technical adviser for IO Global and professor at the University of Kent and ELTE, Budapest.  
His research has covered many aspects of functional programming, including verification, tool building and testing for Erlang, Haskell and OCaml. He is an author of books on type theory, Haskell and Erlang, and runs a MOOC on Erlang for FutureLearn. He led a team developing a DSL for financial contracts on blockchain for IO Global, for whom he is now a technical adviser.

In our talk we’ll explore this hypothesis: in industry, you are learning a technology you will use to develop software, whereas in an academic setting, you are there to learn how to learn. Based on our experience of travelling in opposite directions: Francesco from industry to academia, and Simon from a theoretical to a more pragmatic approach, we’ll test the hypothesis, and, through evidence and anecdotes, show that in fact it is more complicated and diverse than we had first imagined.

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