Ody Mbegbu

Building a Custom Type Provider

Ody Mbegbu is a software engineer at Edelweiss Connect, building data tools for Scientists. He also has a YouTube channel where he teaches software engineering using F#, .NET, Kubernetes, Docker etc.

YouTube Channel

As the web has become more and more ubiquitous and people are now doing even more online. Web Development has only grown in complexity from it's humble days of serving documents. Today, Modern Web Applications are quite complex. And if you don't want to build it in Javascript, you typically have to use two languages, One for the front end and the other for the backend.  

SAFE Stack provides an alternative allowing you to build the entire application in F# with superb type safety and still keep the flexibility of a scripting language like Python.  

In my talk, I will show you how to get started building a web application using Safe Stack.