Nikhil Barthwal

Functional Programmer and Tech Enthusiast

Nikhil Barthwal is a polyglot programmer currently working as a Senior Software Engineer at, an e-commerce startup recently acquired by Walmart. He works in the Tools & Productivity team with the aim of making developers more productive, as well as improving the quality of the code.

Outside of work, he is involved with local meetups in New York city where he gives talks on various topics related to technology. He holds a Master’s in Distributed Systems and a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering.

Web services are typically stateless entities, that need to operate at scale at large. Functional paradigm can be used to model these web services work and offer several benefits like scalability, productivity and correctness.

In this talk, I describe how to implement an Event-Driven Microservices Architecture using Functional Programing language, and demonstrate how various characteristics of functional paradigm capture the behavior of such services architecture very naturally.

I have included some real-life examples from

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