Przemysław Dadel

AGH University of Science and Technology

Przemyslaw Dadel is a Computer Science PhD Student at AGH University of Science and Technology. He pursues his interest in distributed, cloud and mobile computing. He is an experienced software engineer with over 5 years of commercial experience in Java and related technologies.

This talk describes a role of reactive streams concept as core communication pattern in mobile-first applications and proposes directions for evolution of its classic API to better match mobile application requirements. By designing the selected examples of mobile applications, I evaluate Reactive Stream API which is an increasingly accepted standard for asynchronous communication with back-pressure. This design is then scrutinized with regard to solution expressiveness and ability to satisfy functional and non-functional requirements. It is observed that the used API does not allow for a context propagation from a mobile subscriber to a publisher so that the streamed data can be well adjusted to the variable reception context of a given mobile device. To address the encountered issues, a context-aware variant of this API is proposed and it is demonstrated and discussed by presenting an alternative application design.

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