Eduard Bopp

ThoughtWorks Germany GmbH

Eduard Bopp is a consultant and software developer at ThoughtWorks. Through his background in physics he has experience writing high-performance numerical simulation software in C and C++ and thus was driven towards Rust as a safer alternative. He also worked as an independent video game developer using Rust.

"Functional reactive programming as pioneered by Conal Elliott is gaining wide-spread interest as the go-to abstraction for interactive applications. Many functional idioms rely on a high level of abstraction over details like memory layout.

But can this concept be translated to an application domain, where you cannot afford this luxury? Think of real-time systems like video game engines or embedded software, where you have a tight performance budget.

Rust is a new programming language developed as a community project supported by Mozilla. It brings a strong type system with compile-time memory safety and high-level abstractions to the world of low-level systems programming.

This talk tells the story of a library called Carboxyl, an implementation of functional reactive event streams and behaviours in Rust. Dealing with explicit memory management provides certain unique implementation challenges. However, Rust's static memory-safety guarantees were very helpful overcoming these. Furthermore, the talk will demonstrate typical architectural patterns for using FRP in practice."

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