Mateusz Front

Lead developer at Software Mansion / Membrane Framework

Mateusz develops various multimedia applications and libraries at Software Mansion. He read lots of RFCs and thus he knows many three-letter abbreviations. He can serve as a rubber duck for debugging or help decipher a Dialyzer error. He enjoys mountains, music and a cup of a good tea. He is a co-creator of Membrane.


- What media streaming is - How media streaming ecosystem look like - What Membrane is and how to use it - How we applied the functional paradigm to media streaming - Elixir's features and limitations


Anyone interested in learning about multimedia


Media streaming is usually associated with low-level, imperative languages. Yet, through the last few years, I've been leading the development of Membrane - the media streaming framework in Elixir. In this talk, I'll share the rationale behind our approach and how it turned out in practice. After quickly introducing you to the multimedia world, I'll discuss the benefits and challenges of bringing that world to Elixir and functional programming in general.