Isaac Abraham

F# MVP, founder of Compositional IT

Isaac Abraham is an. NET MVP and a .NET developer since .NET 1.0 with an interest in cloud computing and distributed data problems. He is the author of Get Programming with F# and is the director of Compositional IT. He specializes in consultancy, training and development, helping customers adopt high-quality, functional-first solutions on the .NET platform.


  • Functional programmers with an interest in web development;
  • Web developers with an interest in functional programming;
  • Developers coming from an ML background e.g. OCaml, Haskell, Elm.
  • Developers coming from JS and / or .NET backgrounds.


Use of functional programming techniques on top of popular OO and/or dynamic runtimes (such as .NET and JavaScript); resolving impedance mismatch of client/server communication; building


The SAFE Stack is a free, open-source and flexible end-to-end, functional-first stack for cloud-ready web apps that emphasizes type-safe programming almost entirely in F#, without needing to compromise and shoehorn your codebase into an object-oriented framework or library, and without needing you to be an expert in CSS or HTML to create compelling, rich client-side web applications.

This talk will demonstrate the value proposition behind it, illustrating how we can develop unified client/server apps that take the best features of F# - such as type safety, succinctness, productivity and performance - whilst still integrating naturally with technologies and frameworks such as ASP .NET and React.

We'll create data-driven server-side APIs quickly and easily, and then surface them in a rich, responsive web application using .NET and JavaScript libraries that come together beautifully. Lastly, we'll see how easily SAFE apps can be hosted on a cloud platform.