Hayleigh Thompson

Gleam core team, doing dev rel things at xyflow

Hayleigh is an all-round functional programming nerd: she is community manager for Gleam and a core team member, an active member of the Elm community, and author of Lustre: a frontend Web framework written in Gleam. At work she is an experienced frontend developer working with Elm and TypeScript. Beyond work you can find her organising Elm Camp and speaking about static types, Gleam, and the BEAM.

We are constantly looking for different ways to make communication across the stack in our Web apps easier: GraphQL lets frontend developers write queries directly for the data they need, React Server Components make it possible to render the static parts of a SPA on the server, and Phoenix LiveView runs entire interactive applications on the backend.

Lustre is a frontend framework for Gleam, a new statically typed functional programming language that compiles to both Erlang and JavaScript. Lustre exploits the similarities between The Elm Architecture and Erlang's actor model to enable fully universal components.

In this talk we'll take a look at Gleam, explore Lustre's application architecture, and demonstrate how components really can be "write once, run everywhere."