Guillaume Duboc

PhD researcher at IRIF, Remote

I am a third-year PhD student at Remote and IRIF (Institut de Recherche en Informatique Fondamentale) in Paris, with the research goal of designing and implementing a type system for Elixir. 

I'm interested in functional programming and type theory; I've learned to program in OCaml and have published work on Haskell and Elixir.


- Understand what set-theoretic types are and the essential ideas to implement them.
- Discuss the advantages and drawbacks of this approach.
- Get an intuition about the future form of Elixir types, especially the dynamic type.


Language designers, Elixir intermediate or advanced users.


In this session, we'll explore the practical representation of gradual set-theoretic types for Elixir. We'll demonstrate how this implementation shifts a lot of complexity from the type-checker to the type representation itself.

Key points include:
- Practical applications: Representing disjoint unions of base types and progressive integration of singleton types.
- Addressing challenges: Strategies for handling pretty-printing and type simplifications.
- Focus on dynamic: Illustrating its elegant representation through set-theoretic types in Elixir, and the distinction between static, dynamic, and gradual types.

The presentation showcases a general structure demonstrated through Elixir examples, but which can be used to accommodate other languages.