Daan van Berkel


Daan van Berkel is an enthusiastic software tinkerer with a knack for presenting technical details in a clear and concise manner. His interests range from discovering exoplanets by sifting through telescope data, dreaming up esoteric programming languages to programmatically generating decreasing patterns for his crochet projects.


The audience will
* get to know Unison as a functional programming language
* understand what content-addressable code is and what benefits it brings
* have witnessed how to deploy a non-trivial service easily, all within Unison
* have pointers where to start their Unison journey themselves


People curious to learn a new functional programming languages that center around a novel concept of organizing deployments, projects and code.


Unison is a new programming language that promises to deliver a new approach to software development.

Its key feature is *content-addressable* code. It opens up a lot of novel possibilities to your software development experience, but what is it? And can Unison deliver on that promise?

In this talk we are going to take a look at Unison. We will explore what content-addressable code means and what benefits it has. We will demonstrate what it is like to code in Unison, which is quite novel, and will deploy an non-trivial service all within Unison.

You will walk away with a firm understanding of Unison and how Unison enhances the developer experience with its novel approach to software development. 

You will have seen the ease with which to describe and deploy micro-services Unison and will have a number of resources to start your own Unison journey