Alberto Schiabel

Senior Software Enginer @ Prisma

Alberto Schiabel is a senior software engineer and former startup co-founder.

He has 7+ years of industry experience, and he's into typed functional programming. He's currently part of the open-source Schema Team at Prisma. He mainly writes in TypeScript, but has previously spent a few years using C++ and Haskell professionally as well.

In his free time, he helps juniors finding their first job in tech.


- Demonstrate to the audience that TypeScript is a worthy choice for functional application
- Introduce the main functionality of the Effect framework in the context of both backend and frontend domains
- Describe code examples with increasing degrees of complexity, motivating the rationale behind them
- Show the minimal effort required to test an application with side effects (like a CRUD app)


- Full-stack engineers, which probably already write JavaScript/TypeScript on the frontend
- Elm/Scala.js developers/companies who would prefer to migrate to TypeScript due to the scarcity of browser-compatible libraries in their current framework, or lack of devs


Enter Effect, a comprehensive framework rising from the fragmented landscape of functional utilities for TypeScript. Born from inspiration drawn from leading libraries like fp-ts and Scala’s ZIO, Effect is here to redefine your TypeScript development experience.

This talk explores the Effect’s core functionality, such as its fiber-based concurrency model, its safe resource management even in the face of program failures, and its built-in tracing capabilities for easy debugging and monitoring, all with a focus on type inference and type safety.

With Effect, we can finally unlock the true potential of TypeScript development, making it a compelling choice for writing functional-oriented applications.