Thomas Gebert

An eccentric math enthusiast and wannabe intellectual

Thomas Gebert is an adjunct lecturer at CUNY CityTech, a PhD student at the University of York, and a software engineer whose career has included companies such as, Apple, Walmart Global Tech, and Reddit. 

In addition to a bunch of technical tomfoolery, Thomas also enjoys watching cartoons, playing with professional audio equipment, and trying out various recipes for pizza.

Anyone who has played Minecraft, The Binding of Isaac, or Diablo has experienced the wonders of procedurally-generated levels in a video game, but very few ponder of the algorithms being used to drive such innovations. 

In this talk, we will give a brief introduction to computer graphics in WebGL, a rundown of level generation algorithms, and explain good and bad of using ClojureScript to do it all.


Viewers should leave the talk with a rough understanding of how procedural level generation works in video games, in addition to a rough understanding of how the WebGL graphics pipeline works within ClojureScript


Anyone who has an interest in computer graphics, or has an interest in procedural level generation in video games. 

An advanced understanding of computer graphics is *not* necessary, as the graphics portion of the talk will be somewhat entry-level.

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