Michał Ślaski

Co-founder @ koderki.pl

In 2014 began organizing the Lambda Days conference, which focuses on functional languages and new trends in computer science. Co-Founder of koderki.pl - a teaching practice aimed at creating educational content and lesson scenarios. Manager at Google Cloud, father of two and frequent conference speaker.


A decade ago we began organising the Lambda Days conference. Over the years of hosting a conference I have learned that it is all about the people: attendees, speakers and the crew running the event. In the keynote opening the 10th anniversary edition I review what contributes to a positive conference experience. I also discuss what were the most watched talks and what we think made them so popular.
I also summarise what I have learned about functional programming, what were the most influential talks and what made me step down from chairing the programme committee to focus on teaching.
I share my recent experiences of teaching in a primary school and argue why functional programming matters to kids.
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