Maximilian Algehed

Quviq AB

Maximilian got a PhD in software security from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. After his PhD he chose to work at Quviq to help customers testing their difficult to test, critical software using property-based testing. At Quviq he has mainly been focussing on software written in Haskell. As he is a Haskell expert, he quickly helped to extend a variety of Haskell tools used in the software testing space.

Have you ever tried testing that your system fairly delivers requests to worker threads or that updates eventually reach all your nodes? These are “liveness properties” and testing them is hard work! Wouldn’t it be great if you could say roughly what your system does and what it takes for the property to hold and have the computer come up with the tests? Fortunately, QuickCheck Dynamic gives you this power!

At Quviq we’ve been successfully using property-based testing since 2006 and in this talk I’m going to tell you about our recent open source extension to Haskell QuickCheck that makes it easy to test even the trickiest properties. The work I will present puts together established techniques that have previously only been available in papers and new ideas that let you give strategies for reaching the most difficult-to-test behaviours in your system. In the talk I will highlight both the principles behind and successful use cases of QuickCheck Dynamic.


* Present a tool that we think is missing from the ecosystem
* Convince the audience that proper(ty based) testing is easy, effective, and fun


All functional programmers and managers interested in quality