Mario Rogic

CTO @locomotetravel, Founder @lamdera, Host @elmlang Online/London, Groundskeeper @elmcraft

I am a highly driven technology aficionado with a particular love of open source software and the web. I believe technology should make life simple and joyful, and I enjoy being able to prove so. I work as the CTO @locomotetravel, am the founder of @lamdera, host the @elmlang Online/London meetups, and am the groundskeeper of @elmcraft.

As an industry we wave our hands about the increasing complexity of software, but we also unwittingly keep heaping on a silent killer: glue code. It often goes unnoticed hiding behind status quo, makes our work more complex, and creates more bugs than we realise.

However type-safe functional programming has a unique ability to both expose and tackle this problem, which a number of projects in the Elm community are cluing onto, taking cues from Elm's design itself.

I'll walk through the "semantic boundaries" that cause this complexity, show how FP & type-safety helps tame it, and shine light on some emerging projects; from a $1BN valuation company's approach to complex interop with Elm, to an Elm static site generator that turns intra-system integration into a delight.

This talk will be a realtime interaction with the entire audience throughout. Attendees will shape the dialogue & live slides. The entire live platform itself is built using the techniques described in the talk.


Raise visibility of the silent problem of glue code & semantic boundaries in our increasingly complex systems, and raise awareness of modern FP's & type-safety's unique position to tackle it.


Anyone who works with software, especially software that integrates multiple components written in different languages (i.e. frontend/backend/database).

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