Jônatas Paganini

Developer Advocate @ Timescale

Nerd, cyclist, and blogger. I'm a pair programming evangelist—Vim editor user, and enthusiast.

My highlight experiences involve performance and architecture. For example, I worked for a few years writing automated strategies for financial markets, processing millions of events per day.

I also worked in different domains and technologies, including embedded systems, 3D printers, and web and mobi
le development.


The Timescaledb toolkit is a PostgreSQL extension that leverages the power of data analytics inside the SQL. Leveraging custom types and operators, it's possible to build functional pipelines directly in the SQL.

In this talk, we'll explore functional pipelines in Postgresql using the TimescaleDB toolkit and how to build functional pipelines in Postgresql.

The project is written in Rust and is also open-source. The idea is also to give a small intro to the project structure to encourage more functional developers to jump in and contribute!


My objective is to show how people can bring the power of functional programming to the database level.

Exploring data analysis with SQL is fun but not enough and sometimes generates giant incomprehensible queries. In this live coding session, I will share how Timescale introduced the functional toolkit pipelines and how you can approach your components and logic as functional through custom types and operators.


Developers that are interested in data analysis and SQL users. People that want to bring functional programming everywhere.

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