Jakub Kozłowski

Functional Scala Developer

Experienced Scala developer, avid Functional Programming fan, open-source contributor and maintainer, spreader of Nix and small-time YouTuber.

Currently working as a Lead Engineer on a team building API tooling for efficient, pleasant and safe development of APIs for a high-scale streaming platform.


Have you ever wondered how your editors and IDEs are able to support so many programming languages? Perhaps you've been thinking about designing your own language and wanted to know how you can give it editor support?

This talk is for you - I've spent over a year building a small language and integrating it with code editors, and I'd like to share some of the challenges I've faced, as well as lessons I've learned in that time.

I'll also show how easy it is to build a new Language Server project in Scala 3 thanks to the Langoustine library.


The audience will learn:
- what Language Servers are, what problem they solve and what their place is in the tools we use
- common pitfalls in implementing one or transitioning from an editor plugin
- some tools that can ease the pains
- bits of practical language design


- People interested in how their language tooling works

- Non-language-designers who would like to make a language of their own

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