Conor Hoekstra

Research Scientist, NVIDIA

Conor (he/him) is a Research Scientist at NVIDIA working on array programming models and languages. He is extremely passionate about programming languages, algorithms and beautiful code. He is the founder and organizer of the Programming Languages Virtual Meetup, he has a YouTube channel and is the host of two podcasts: 
* Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs
* ArrayCast: Podcast about Array Languages

You can find all of Conor’s conference talks and podcast appearances (on other podcasts) here:

Most people think of function composition as composing two unary functions together (the B combinator). However, this is only the tip of the proverbial "function composition" iceberg. This talk will be both an introduction and an overview of the world of combinatory logic and combinators. If you have ever wondered what the S, Phi, Psi, or B1 combinators are and why they are so useful, this is the talk for you. And even if you have never wondered that - I promise this talk will be worth your time. It will expand the limits of what you thought was possible with programming languages and give you the tools and knowledge to use combinators in your choice of programming language.


To introduce combinatory logic and combinators to the audience and more importantly show the utility and power of composition through the use of combinators. A survey of combinators as they exist in languages like Haskell, Julia, APL, FL, BQN and more will be shown. Simple implementations in Python and more will also be shown. Through the use of examples, it will become extremely clear why combinators can be so useful.


Everyone. From beginners to experts. Much can be learned from this talk.

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