Adam Warski

CTO @ SoftwareMill, OSS Developer

I am one of the co-founders of SoftwareMill, where I code mainly using Scala and other interesting technologies. I am involved in open-source projects, such as sttp, tapir, Quicklens, ElasticMQ and others. I have been a speaker at major conferences, such as JavaOne, LambdaConf, Devoxx and ScalaDays.

Apart from writing closed- and open-source software, in my free time I try to read the Internet on various (functional) programming-related subjects. Any ideas or insights usually end up with a blog (

Unison is a functional language built around the idea of content-addressed code.

Combined with an effect system based on abilities, Unison solves many common problems in a novel way. From editing code and publishing libraries, through avoiding dependency hell and implementing dependency injection, to running distributed computations in the cloud.

Let's take a whirlwind tour of Unison, writing some Unison code along the way!


Demonstrate the unique features of Unison and the approach it takes to make programming better not only locally, but also in a distributed environment


Anybody interested in functional languages!

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