Krzysztof Płachno

Scala Data Engineer at SwissBorg

Scala Developer grown up by Java and still coming back to it from time to time. Engaged mostly in Data Engineering works, caring about both: software and infrastructure. However, having the biggest passion for IT systems designing and willing to dedicate one day fully to architectural and conceptual work on highly demanding software problems.

When thinking about web applications designs there are two most common architectural paths that we can apply: the old good J2EE one of having one thread per request and newer, more FP-like of having separate thread pools for different operations in request fulfilment logic.  Although, at functional programming conference,  audience preference for one of those approaches is rather obvious, why not to have a closer look on both approaches and clearly get pros and cons of each?  

Talk meant to be a presentation of both architectural solutions, providing analysis their design motivations and practical consequences, pointing out advantages and drawbacks. All this to have nice comparison of them, that may help make valid decision on technology used of your next project. As concrete implementation examples Spring and Akka Http frameworks will be used.  

Disclaimer: The speaker codes Scala as part of my 9-5 job, still running my afterwork project in Java. Don't judge. At least before listening to the talk.