Jonas Winje


Jonas is a developer and construKction worker at Computas, with an MSc in Computer Science from the University of Oslo. Codes in new-old languages like Java and Smalltalk at work. Plays with lambdas and programming languages outside of. Almost organizes a lambda-almost-meetup sometimes. Wants to have a goat and a maybe donkey. Donkeys are like small horse-rabbits.

We know that we can represent all kinds of things in lambda calculus, including booleans, integers, and lists, but what about the representation of the lambda calculus terms themselves? In this talk we present beep boop, a representation for lambda calculus terms inspired by sound. It is a humane alternative to de Bruijn notation, since it is much easier to utter a sequence of symbols in beep boop than in traditional lambda-based representations. Pretty useful for humans!