Baltasar Trancón Widemann

Creator of domain-specific declarative languages

Baltasar holds a PhD from Berlin University of Technology. He has worked as a researcher at the Universities of Berlin, Limerick, Bayreuth and Ilmenau, and as a software engineer with a aicas GmbH. He is currently professor for programming at Nordakademie, Elmshorn.

This talk presents Sig-adLib, an embedded domain-specific language for complex realtime data stream processing tasks on the JVM.  It distinguishes a declarative data-flow and an imperative control-flow aspect.  Sig-adLib programs can be interpreted, or compiled transparently to JVM bytecode and eventually jit-compiled.  Both the interpreter and the compiler are completely modular and extensible.  The compiler is fully embedded in the host program.  Interpreted and compiled code both run indefinitely on fixed space.  Benchmarks indicate a roughly 50-fold speedup by compilation, comparable with hand-coded, statically compiled reimplementations.

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