Aleksander Lisiecki

Erlang and Elixir developer and trainer @Erlang Solutions

I graduated from AGH University of Science and Technology with a Master of Science in Engineering title in December 2020. I work at Erlang Solution as Erlang and Elixir developer and trainer since 2018. I managed to win 3ed place with the ”Champions” team in BITEhack 2020, the correctness prize in SpawnFest 2020 and Maintainability - 1st, Correctness - 2nd, Completion - 3rd prizes in SpawnFest 2021.

The IT industry is doing well, thanks to high revenues, but what if we could save some power writing more efficient programs and by that save costs and become eco friendly and more? In my talk, I would like to present the results of experiments where I implement the same program using different technologies and compare how are they doing regarding energy consumption and discuss its pros and conns to increase public awareness.