Zhenjiang Hu

Head of Department of Computer Science and Technology @ Peking University

Zhenjiang Hu is a chair professor and the head of Department of Computer Science and Technology, Deputy Dean of School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, Peking University.  

His main interest is in programming languages and software engineering in general, and functional programming, bidirectional transformation, and parallel programming in particular. His work is characterized by developing methodologies to support rigorous development of robust software systems. He was awarded the basic research achievement awards from Japan Society for Software Science and Technology. He is famous for his contribution to the establishment of the well-known NII Shonan Meetings. He is Fellow of Japan Federation of Engineering Society, ACM Distinguished Scientist, Member of European Academy of Sciences, IEEE Fellow, Member of Engineering Academy of Japan.

Bidirectional Transformation provides a powerful mechanism for synchronizing and maintaining the consistency of information between different representations. Although many languages have been proposed to support programming bidirectional transformations, we are lacking systematic ways to develop both correct and efficient bidirectional transformation. In this talk, we show that the program calculation technique, which is known to be useful for development of unidirectional functional programs, is useful for systematic development of correct and efficient bidirectional functional programs from a straightforward specification through correctness-preserving calculation.

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