Susan Potter

Functional programmer

Susan is a functional programmer working as a software engineer, architect, and hands-on manager. Over the last two decades, she has also worked on algorithmic trading systems, market data software, multi-tenant service-oriented architecture, and continuous delivery pipelines that make teams more productive.

PureScript is an expressively typed purely functional programming language heavily inspired by Haskell yet with some key differences. Some of these differences make it more practical for web developers to exploit the Node.js and web browser ecosystems without sacrificing algebraic data types and common functional abstractions found in Haskell.  

We will explore through examples some of these language and ecosystem (library) differences with Haskell to see how they impact web development ergonomics and onboarding as well as describing PureScript's similarities to Haskell to contrast with TypeScript using functional libraries like fp-ts based on our experiences with all three.

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