William Heslam

Documentation Typo Spotter Extraordinaire

Will is a functional JavaScript fan with a penchant for overly long anecdotes that don't really seem to go anywhere... Among his many interests are going on protest marches and playing point-free code golf. In his spare time he likes fiddling with Turing patterns and speculating about the Fourth Futamura Projection. He can often be found combing through second hand book shops for obscure tomes on forgotten programming languages.

In this talk I'll describe a technique to model your JavaScript's side-effecting dependencies by combining two separate but complementary ideas. Extensible Effects provides the benefits of dependency injection and globally mutative mocking without the downsides. Monadic sequencing naturally lends itself to testing with generators that simulate network requests and database operations. Bringing these together can help you elegantly and efficiently property test your code, helping you think more and worry less!

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