Stien Vanderhallen

Student at KU Leuven, Belgium

Stien is a final year masters student at KU Leuven, in pursuit of a degree in computer science. Since July 2019, she works as an academic research assistant in the field of programming languages, mostly focusing on algebraic effects and handlers. In this function, she is supervised by dr. Georgios Karachalias and prof. Tom Schrijvers.

In the light of algorithmic, as well as performance-related challenges in Eff-compilation, we introduce the implementation of an explicit type-and-effect system into the Eff-compiler, as described by Saleh et al. Thus, the way is cleared for a more efficient compilation to languages with a native effect system. We leverage this implementation to increase performance of compilation to languages without a native effect system as well. Karachalias et al. propose such a translation, which however does not seamlessly fit into the current state of the compiler. We describe the issues faced in integrating that translation, as well as a preliminary implementation.

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