Krystian Rybarczyk

JVM developer at Codete

Krystian is a happy husband and father to two little chaps. He loves to learn new things and is truly fascinated by programming, which he learnt at Imperial College London. He has gained his work experience in technology companies in Munich, London and Palo Alto. Hacking mainly in the JVM world he has worked on event based systems for high throughput, leveraged the potential of functional programming and Scala for working with Big Data and is currently solving mobile apps industry challenges with the power of Kotlin. He spends a substantial amount of his free time trying out various recipes from all around the world. He is also able to make probably one of the best coffees you have ever had.

Concurrency is and certainly will be one of the biggest challenges we, developers, now face having to squeeze everything out of all the cores our CPUs have. With Kotlin you do not need to struggle with Java's threads or Scala's actors. Kotlin has its own concurrency model and I will show you why it is really cool and that it’s worth having a look at. During this presentation we will look intro coroutines and see how they facilitate asynchronous programming. We will talk about flows and see how they make writing reactive code a breeze. If flows fit into your domain why not give Kotlin a shot?

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