Javier López

For the love of compilers, interpreters, and dragons therein

Javier López is a Computer Scientist and Software Engineer from University Simón Bolívar, Venezuela. As a research associate and honoris causa OCaml developer at Lakebolt Research, he built the Lilly VM and provided insight for the language evolution. He also implemented the ZenSheet server API. Currently he works as a back-end developer at Hiberus Tecnología in Zaragoza, Spain.

How can we make functional programming more accessible? We strive to contribute an answer to an often debated question, doing so in the context of an ambitious goal: creating a wide‑spectrum computing environment that can satisfy typical “non‑programmer” end-users as well as computer science students, application programmers, and experienced software engineers. Our empirical approach derives inspiration from the most successful end‑user computing environment and time-honored principles of programming language design

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