Evan Sitt

Student Developer, Composer/Producer, and Juggler of Too Many Tasks

Evan Sitt is a Computer Science student at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary, and also a freelance composer/producer who loves all things related to audio. He teaches Functional Programming to new incoming freshmen and leads a team of talented, hard-working, and all around amazing students in tackling difficult programming tasks for fun.

Digital synthesis is a cross discipline application used in fields such as music, telecommunication, and others. The nature of digital synthesis involving multiple tracks as well as parallel post-processes lends itself naturally to the functional programming paradigm. The paper demonstrates this by creating a fully functional, cross platform, standalone synthesizer application framework implemented in a pure lazy functional language. The application handles MIDI input and produces wav output played by any multimedia player. Therefore, it can serve as a preprocessor for users who intend to create digital signals before transcribing them into a digital or physical media.

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