Yoav Luft

Making software for the jilted generation @ Prototyp SE

Yoav was born and raised in Israel and had recently moved to Sweden with his partner Dafna. Since his first line of code (Q Basic, age 11) until this day he had tried to perfect his knack for doing more work with less effort. He is highly involved with the meta of programming: how we work, think, develop and communicate. He is the founder of Israel's first functional programming conference, FLIP, and was on the organising team for HackExtend - a diversity focused hackathon. He now creates awesome software at Prototyp.se

When not infront a computer he managed to achieve a black belt 2nd Dan in Bujinkan Ninjutsu, but had still managed to restrain himself from writing "Ninja Coder" on his CV.

In this talk I'll present a small study I'm conducting which attempts to determine whether Javascript developers are adopting more declarative programming style, and whether this style influenced by functional programming. The study analyses code from popular open source projects to detect changes in coding style.

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