Wojciech Danilo

Luna, the world's most advanced visual programming language

Serial entrepreneur. Founder of Flowbox, Coddee and Luna. Ex senior technical director at Alvernia Studios. Designed visual programming tools used in motion picture studios across the globe. Passionate about visual programming, aesthetics, and ergonomics. On a mission to empower people with tools to innovate and advance. Haskell developer.

Many people believe that conventional textual programming is the only way of expressing complex data processing logic, while visual programming languages are suitable for learning programming only. Although there are many domains where visual programming languages are popular, like in procedural architecture, graphics design, electronics design or ETL, visual programming languages never took off on a broader scale.
In this talk, we will present the results of our research in this domain and try to answer questions: what is the scope of problems where visual programming is applicable to, what are the benefits of using visual programming languages, and if there are some fundamental differences in design, which just break when moved from textual to visual world. For example, do visual programming languages require purely functional programming paradigm?

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