Michael Sperber

CEO of Active Group, functional programmer

Michael Sperber is CEO of Active Group in Tübingen, Germany. He has been developing software since 1984, and taught programming courses since 1987. Mike specializes in functional programming, with many publications and several books under his belt. Mike maintains a strong interest in teaching programming, and has designed introductory courses for several German universities. He is co-organizer of the annual BOB developer conference.


You want to teach functional programming to someone else: To enable fellow developers, as a professional trainer, or to teach students. However, as natural as functional programming feels to us, it is hard to teach well. In particular, professional functional languages are powerful tools for development, but are not necessarily the best tools beginners. This talk is about teaching functional programming well using the Program by Design / DeinProgramm approach. It will give an overview of effective teaching approaches, techniques and tools, and highlight pitfalls.

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