John Azariah

❤ (I, _) (Q#)

John is a regular speaker at developer conferences around the world, on topics such as functional programming, quantum computing, cloud computing, language design, and other trends in technology and software architecture. He has over 25 years of professional software development experience including over 10 years at Microsoft Corporation. His experience with functional programming and DSL design saw him move to Microsoft Research where he led the compiler design of Microsoft Q# - a language for the domain of quantum computing. He is currently a Principal Architect in the Microsoft Quantum team.

Quantum computing takes a giant leap forward from today’s technology—one that will forever alter our economic, industrial, academic, and societal landscape. This has massive implications for your customers in any industry including healthcare, energy, environmental systems, smart materials, and more. This talk covers the basics of Quantum Computing, Q#, the Microsoft Quantum Development Kit, and some resources to help you get started in programming quantum algorithms.

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