Bartosz Mikulski

An unpassionate programmer

A Java/Scala programmer with almost 8 years of experience. In his career, he worked on network sniffers, old school ETL software for banks, web applications written in ancient technologies like RichFaces, modern web applications written in React with Scala microservice-based backends, and data pipelines. Co-founder of Poznan Scala User Group and Software Craftsmanship Poznan group, organizer of Poznan meetups of Siraj Raval's School of AI. Currently interested in machine learning and data science. Strongly believes that such techniques and skills should be in the toolset of every programmer.

Don't come to this talk. You will not hear anything cool. No new libraries, languages. No clever code. No buzzwords even. I want to show you how you can use the features you already know to write less code and make the code so easy to understand that people who join your project can be productive on their first day. You didn't come to a tech conference to see that, did you? Your new, shiny toys are not here. Go somewhere else ;)

I want to show the audience how to use built-in Scala features (like case classes, value classes, structural types) to create the basis of a domain model. I want to show them the benefits of taking advantage of the type system and not using primitive types everywhere. In particular, I want to show how types can encode validation rules and make the code shorter and easier to test.

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