Anton Moldovan


Software Architect, SBTech, Ukraine Anton is working as Software Architect for product company SBTech. On the current moment, he is mainly involved in designing highload distributed systems on .NET/F# stack. Practices: F#; Distributed System Design; DDD; CQRS; TDD; ES; CEP; Actor Model In addition to that, he is leading Kiev F# User Group

In 2017 we started using F# for building high-load push-based queryable API and complex stateful stream processing for our core platform. At that time almost nobody has had F# experience but we decided to give a try. And on this talk, I will share our experience with adopting F# on real projects at SBTech.


- Why did we choose F# over C#?
- A high-level overview of the architecture of our push-based queryable API.
- Adopting F# for C#/OOP developers (inconveniences, C# interoperability, code style, DDD, TDD)