Wojciech Gawroński

Software and Operations Engineer in Appliscale.

During the day BEAM, DevOps and Cloud Computing enthusiast, during the night - meet-ups organizer, bookworm and IT geek. He is also co-organizer of Functional Miners meet-up in Silesia (about PLT and functional programming in general).


Serverless is getting more and more attention in today's world. Ease of use, promise of infinite scale and reducing operational complexity to the minimal level - those are only the few of selling points of that particular "technology". Unfortunately, we have limited choice when it comes to the languages and runtimes available in those environment. Service providers supports only a fraction of platforms (to be perfectly honest - the most popular). By default, there are no functional languages available out of the box - assuming that we will not perform any additional work. But I did not surrender! If you are interested how much yak shaving, frustration and unnecessary work is required to bring our favorite functional flavors to the Serverless world - that talk is for you! And I can promise that at the end, I will not leave you without reproducible and reliable solution.

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