Tomasz Heimowski

Functional Programming Adept

Tomasz is a passionate developer whose main areas of interest are F# and Functional Programming in general. As a Senior Software Engineer at IHS Markit he tackles problems from various domains. In his free time, apart from contributing to OSS projects and learning new tech stuff, he enjoys lifting weights as well as dancing.

Modern web stacks often involve more than one programming language. SAFE on the other side offers an end-to-end solution, with static typing safety and other powerful language capabilities on both server and client side in plain F#. In the presentation, we'll discover possibilities of the stack during a live demo. After starting a SAFE project from scratch, we'll develop new features by sharing common F# code between client and server and observe changes using hot module replacement.

The corresponding letters in the acronym stand for: Suave - lightweight and composable web server, Azure - cloud provider from Microsoft, Fable - F# to JavaScript transpiler and Elmish - set of F# libraries imitating Elm architecture.

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